The two back in the afternoon and now I put a aim assists with burnout.

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I agree! When RS gold I am interacting I don't actually play, but it's like 100 games in one. I have always got several grinds of various intensities etc once and ability hop constantly (multiple times in a day) based on what I feel. Game always feels refreshing like this. Runescape has the charm of giving you an idea of progression. If you're near 99 agility you might do a day of rooftops with nothing to show for it. No pet, no levels achieved. However, you know you grinded out another god knows how much xp, which feels great.

There's also a level of permanence that I get from runescape. Some games I will play and be enthralled through the experience out. Because it's story doesn't have replay-ability and based but the experience is simply like 16 hours. When I try to re-experience it and go back, it feels like a chore with no prospects. Runescape is a most of the moment but it's always there. The task becomes a game play mechanic that lets you push not replay the 16 hours of content.

I consider it differently - there's lots of things that I actually do enjoy performing over and over. But I can not deny there's obviously plenty of boring to get through like you say. I do those when I would have been seeing netflix/YouTube/whatever other non intensive hobby not the other way around. I also listen to lots of music - it could give me something to"perform" but not actually requiring any of my mind, allowing me to focus 95% over the symphony or record or whatever. I really like that about OSRS. Feel like watching a episode or 2 of those sopranos? Eh let's do some agility and toss on OSRS.

Everquest was even worse. Anything that would be interesting like skilling you could knock out in a day, but it was click intensive (imagine smelting rune ore and you needed to click on each person coal, but for everything you create ). Leveling was excruciating, like RS you sit in one camp, well that is if you could solo and just a few courses could. Only a couple could really semi-afk, a whole lot you had to kite things about and it was a whole lot easier to perish than RS since xp tapered off fast on creatures more than a few levels below you. After months of grinding you reach max level 65. Congrats, you have to do it all over again to unlock all of the bonus abilities.

Oh and by this stage, soloing is almost non-existant, as anything that will give experience at this time is pretty much in a raid zone. On the flip side, Runescape did promote socializing. I want it had real quests. The raids were enjoyable for its day. EQ was far worse than WoW together with grinding, and even moreso than RS. It is the exact opposite. Runescape ended up placing the capacity to purchase Pizza Hut directly into Runescape, this was like ~2004. The entire culture around Runescape puts the South Park WoW event to pity. RS is a whole lot easier going in comparison.

The two back in the afternoon and now I put a aim assists with burnout. I have not logged in for a couple of days and simply powered back up to 100 battle. Did the same thing when I came back and hit at 88 fletching. After I max quests and get 70 all that I probably will wind up quitting though, or buy School RuneScape Gold playing very sparingly. But for a lot of Runescape there going on till you reach higher levels.